Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Adventures in Houston

We moved to Houston, well north of Houston, in August. We were welcomed in with excessive heat and humidity and soon followed by our good friend, we will call him Ike. Since we knew Ike was on the way, we dicided to play it comfortable and head north to Dallas where Adam's good friend Zach lives. We ended up staying for almost two full weeks there until our power finally returned and we were very grateful that we were able to be comfortable and stay with friends. Other than the weather we really like it down here in Texas. It is deffinently diffrent from the west but it has its own kind of beauty, like the lizards and frogs that like to live around our house.
Since we have been here we have been doing lots of fun things. We have been to two professional baseball games, one in Dallas while we were waiting out Ike and one in Houston as a fun date night. We have also been to the Houston Zoo which was fun even if Adam had to miss all of the fun. And since Halloween is right around the corner we went to a pumpkin patch with the playgroup from our ward.
We have really enjoyed getting to know the people in our ward and have made some good friends. There are a lot of teachers in our ward and some of them teach in the same district as Adam. He is now teaching fourth grade science and social studies. He loves his job but wishes that a lot of those kids had a better home life because they need it and it would also make his job a lot easier.
A few other exciting things that have been going on are that Stephanie is starting to look more and more pregnant everyday and should be going to the doctor soon. KaileeJo has also hit some major milestones.
She is now very good at walking and is starting to learn a few words and has turned the ripe old age of 1. She is still as happy as ever and loves to play with friends and go out and about.