Sunday, November 22, 2009


Taydom has been really busy lately. She is getting really fast at crawling and is very interested in everything KaileeJo is doing. Some of her favorite things to do are to giggle, play peek-a-boo, blow kisses, wave hi, shake her head no, and giggle!!

She fell asleep eating dinner. What a cutie!

Taydom was plaing one morning and some how she got turned around in our entertainment center. Before I took the picture she was whining because she would try to sit up straight and she would hit her head. I pulled out the camera and all I got was smiles!!

How can you not love this kid?

Crawling can be so exhausting!!
Taydom is just a bundle of joy and we really couldn't ask for a better baby.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween 2009

This is KaileeJo our little elephant. She thought that it was fun to jump around in her costume.

This is our little Lion Taydom. We even got her to roar at us. She is too cute.

This is at our wards Halloween party. KaileeJo is showing off her costume.

This is KaileeJo and Taydom with some of their friends at the ward Halloween party. They all looked soo cute in their costumes.

Fall is here!!

We have been enjoying the fall leaves this year. KaileeJo loves to make piles and jump in them and Taydom loves to eat them. What a great time of year!!

KaileeJo didn't want to have her picture taken so it was all Taydom.

And she likes it that way!!