Monday, November 15, 2010

Well It's A........

G I R L!! We are really excited to have girl #3 come to out home. She should be arriving about the 22nd of March. I only say about because the kids have a reccord for coming early 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. We are also happy to announce that after doing a little math we figured out that these three girls will all be in High School together. We will be keeping this in mind when we buy our next house!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oregon Trip

We went to Oregon last month to greet Adam's sister Christina as she returned home from her mission. Her flight didn't get in until after bed time but the kid were still amazingly happy.

We couldn't go to Oregon without going to the coast. It was cold and windy but the girls didn't seem to mind too much. They are just like their daddy in that way.

It was even Christina's birthday so we had to celebrate with friends and food.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making cookies with Dad

Taydom was having a great time helping daddy make cookies. It is soo much fun!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

KaileeJo's 3rd Birthday

KaileeJo loves her Tickle Me Elmo hands. She was dancing and playing for quite some time. There was even a video that came with them and her and Taydom were dancing the night away. Thanks a lot Grandma and Grandpa Finlayson:)

One of the activities that kids did was to make pictures with their Toy Story stamps. The kids thought it was a blast! We are just glad that it comes off of the table and chairs really easy. Go figure a bunch of 2-6 year olds would make such a mess.

KaileeJo opening her presents from all of her friends. As you can see they were all trying to join in. Apparently she is not fast enough at opening, because they were getting very anxious. She loves her Buzz Light Year that she got. She was so excited to get all of her presents, but she won't put Buzz down to eat or to sleep. Most little girls are into princesses, but our little KaileeJo loves her Buzz.

Stephanie did a wonderful job of doing the cake. Actually, Grandma Ostler and KaileeJo made the actual cake. I don't know if you can see it very well, but there are clouds and then some Toy Story figurines in the cake. KaileeJo loved it. When she was trying to blow out the candles, none of them were going out so she just kept blowing. You will be able to see it on the video attached below. She was running out of breath. It was pretty cute.

More Stamps.

KaileeJo trying to blow out her candles. She was talking about her birthday for about two months before it happened. She was getting so excited to have her Toy Story Birthday.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pioneer adventures

My parents' ward here in Wyoming had a primary activity to celebrate the 24th of July, the date that commemorates the pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley. The kids enjoyed some fun activities. Like the handcart pull.

KaileeJo really enjoyed pushing the cart and Taydom didn't seem to mind riding.

They also got to make home made ice cream.

It was Delicious!

We also got to make fry bread. KaileeJo thought that her bread couldn't have enough flour on it.

Or powder sugar. She dumped the whole sifter full on top.

They also were going to have a watermelon seed spitting contest but couldn't find a watermelon with seeds in it. Over all it was a good day even though Taydom took a good spill and bit her tongue almost all the way through and KaileeJo fell in the parking lot and scraped her knee pretty good. We still came home with smiles on our faces and fun things to talk about.

Friday, July 2, 2010


On our way home from Jackson we decided to stop by Idaho Falls and feed the ducks. They kids thought it was great and can't wait to go back and do it again.

These are the ducks that enjoyed our bread.

Jackson Hole

Adam had a teaching conference in Jackson Hole Wyoming for four days so the girls and I thought that we would tag a long for the ride.

The swimming pool was fun but the girls were really whiny when ever we went so the trips were short. KaileeJo will need some type of floating devise if we plan on doing any more pool swimming even though she loved just walking around. Yes my two and a half year old can easily walk around in the three foot section of the pool.

One of the girls favorite things was to play at the park in downtown Jackson. They had some squirrel like creatures that had made tunnels throughout the park and the girls loved chasing them around.

This is the view of the Tetons from our hotel room. The room wasn't huge but it was still a fun get a way that we didn't have to pay for. Over all it was a good trip and we are glad we got to go have a fun adventure.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How many monkeys swing in the trees?

The answer is TWO according to KaileeJo. This is her favorite song. She learned it in nursery and loves to sing it. Oh and a little fact, this is our 100th post. :)

This is a mothers day video that was recorded on fathers day so look for the fathers day video sometime in September. Happy Mothers Day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We have recently had Grandpa Ostler come and visit for a few days. It was nice to have him here and the girls really enjoyed it. KaileeJo's favorite thing is to ride in Papa's truck. She gets really excited anytime we went to go anywhere and asked if she could ride in his truck and was sometimes very disappointed when we had to ride in our car. Taydom also became quite the Papa's girl. She loved to snuggle to sleep with him, and often choose him over mom.

The same day that he left to go home (like an hour later) Aunt Lizzy came for a surprise visit. The girls were thrilled to see her. She got to stay for a few days and had a lot of fun with the girls.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Days Of School

KaileeJo has really been enjoying coloring outside. She is getting very creative with her drawings but her favorite thing to draw is circles. She will tell me that she is writing my name or tell me that it says happy mothers day.

These next few pics are from a BBQ that we had at our house for the kids in Adam's 5th grade class. KaileeJo really enjoyed having them over and her favorite part was roasting marshmallows.

His students really liked the rope swing and playing football and basketball with Mr. F

A group shot of all the kids and parents that came for the event. In this picture it looks like they are doing the famous "Shark Bait" "OOh Ha Ha" that Adam uses in his class as an attention getter.

This is the next to last day of school. As one of the rewards for the kids doing so well on their tests they earned going to the park for a fun day. They played baseball and football and had a great time.

This is a class photo from the park.

It is great for me when they have these activities because his students love KaileeJo and Taydom and take them from me and watch them. The girls just love Adam's students.

This is the last day of school. They had what they called a "pig out" with a lot of different foods brought in and the kids just ate and ate.

Taydom enjoyed the pig out to the fullest.

Another reward for doing good on their standard testing Adam let them put "pies" in his face. It was just whipped cream on a paper plate but the kids still really enjoyed it.

The after. It was such a mess but I'm sure it will be something that the kids will look back at for years to come. We all had such a good time with Adam's class this year. It is great that he works in a place where the kids and I feel welcome to come in and visit and participate in some of the fun activities.