Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun

This year for Easter we got to go to Stephanie's Grandma's house in Idaho Falls. It was great to spend time with family. All of Stephanie's family was able to be there, except for Dan of coarse cause he is on his mission. We all got together on Saturday afternoon. It was great for the girls to get to spend sometime with their cousin Benjamin. They really love him and think it is great to have a new playmate. They also loved spending time with Grandma and Papa Ostler. They came early to spend more time with the kids. KaileeJo loves going for rides in Papa's truck. Especially when the go to get a soda. Taydom was really excited to see Grandma. They got in early Friday morning, about 4 am, and Taydom was up being unhappy so Grandma came down to see if she could take Taydom so mom could sleep. When Taydom saw Grandma it was priceless. Her eyes got really big and she even did a double take. She was soo excited to see Grandma. It was really great to have them here and we can't wait for the next visit.
Easter morning the kids got to find the Easter eggs that were all over Great Grandma's living room. KaileeJo had such a good time. It was really interesting to watch her find the eggs. She gets distracted really easily. Taydom also had a good time with the eggs and she really enjoyed putting them in the cartons after we were done.
We had an amazing Easter being with family and listening to the words of living Prophets. Conference was wonderful. It was a special experience having it on Easter.