Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where have you been???

I know it has been months and months since you have seen a new blog post from us. Since November we have done way way too many things to list here. A few highlights are: Going to Temple Square to look at the lights, going to Oregon for Christmas where we went to the beach and ate WAY too much food, Adam started a new semester of grad school, Adam started assisting the coach for the Century High School JV basketball team, KaileeJo continues to do well at preschool, Stephanie's parents come to visit a time or two... or three, we have one of the warmest winters on record and we are loving it, KaileeJo had eye surgery and is doing very well, Hadley started taking unassisted steps, Taydom continues to develop her singing and dancing skills, and Stephanie has orchestrated the whole event. Other than that life is the same old same old life that we love.

What we were up to

So back in December we had some good times and made some great memories. Most of which we don't have any pictures of or the time to load them on to the blog so, you get to see some of the pictures from our Oregon adventure.

Super cute family pictures.
Spending a little time with aunt Lizzy.

Taydom's personal favorite going to the beach.

Over all it was a fantastic holiday season.