Friday, March 27, 2009

An update.

Life has been so busy I haven't had time to catch up on the blog. Well here we go. Taydom was born on Tuesday and my mom made it here on Thursday just after we got home from the hospital. My Dad joined us later that week and life was nice. I could focus on getting used to having a little one again with KaileeJo staying busy with Grandma and Grandpa. They were both here for a week and then had to go home. That next Monday I took Taydom to the doctor for her check up and she was looking good. She was gaining weight and checked out great. The next day I noticed that she felt a little warm and so I took her temperature. The last thing that the nurse told me before we left the office the day before was if she has a temp of 100.5 or higher to either bring her in or give them a call. So when I took her temp she was 101. So I called in and the nurse said to strip her down and to take her temp in 10 minuets. So I did and it dropped to 98. She said to just watch her and take it every once in a while. She didn't seem sick so Adam and I loaded up the kids to take a trip to Target. On the way there the nurse called and said that we should take her to the emergency room to get checked out just in case. So reluctantly we went in. They took her temp and she was 102. They admitted us and started trying to get an IV started. 3 hours a spinal tap a urine sample and 6 tries later they got an IV started and we were up in our room. We had to stay over night so they could let the cultures grow to see what was wrong with her. 2 days later we found out that she had a urinary tract infection with a bacteria of Ecoli. So they found what it responded to and got her on anti-biotics. This whole ordeal was incredibly bad timing since we were supposed to get on a plane and go to Idaho to bless Taydom Saturday. Taydom and I ended up being in the hospital for a total of 8 days. So as soon as they released us from the hospital we got on a plane and flew to Idaho. Taydom is doing well and is still on oral anti-biotics. We still have tests to do to see what could have caused a baby so small to have an infection like that. We are so happy that she gets to be at home now and that we were able to see our family in Idaho.