Sunday, August 30, 2009

She is learning soo much!!

KaileeJo is learning soo much. Her vocabulary is getting bigger every day. She loves to read stories. She loves to be read to, to read to her sister or even by herself. I hope that this isn't just a phase that she is going through because it is wonderful!!

Family pics

We were able to go to Utah a few weeks ago for Stephanie's sister, Rachel's, baby blessing. Benjamin Michael is adorable. We had soo much fun!! We took advantage of the extra hands around to get some family pictures taken. It was such a nice day we decided to take them outside. Too bad all KaileeJo wanted to do was run around and play. Taydom was more of a captive audience and we took advantage!! We are soo grateful for out little girls and the sweet spirits that they are.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random pics from the past month or so...

These are some pics that are too cute not to share but don't have enough with them to make them their own post.
Here is a picture of Taydom with her cousin Benjamin. They are 3 and a half months apart. Taydom was very interested in the little baby.


She has been carrying around chapstick. She is such a girly girl.

Taydom is getting soo BIG. She was weighed the other day and she has broke the 20 lbs mark. She was 20 pounds 2 oz. She is super smiley and love attention from her big sister. Even when it may be painful she still loves it.

We took a trip out to Stephanie's aunt Donette's house. They have a dairy farm in Idaho. KaileeJo loved the cows and wasn't afraid of them at all. She had a good time playing with her second cousins.

This is KaileeJo with her uncle Dan's turtle Sam. She loves how he tries to bite her finger through the class. She just loves animals.

This is KaileeJo with her great-grandpa Thompson. She let him comb her hair. She loves her papa!!

Oh look at that smile. Taydom loves her uncle Dan! What a sweetie.

Helping daddy

We have been redoing the entry way at my parents house while we have been here. There wasn't any insilation in the walls!! This is Adam and KaileeJo putting up some new sheetrock. She loves to be by her dad's side doing everything he does. I don't think that Adam was using the wrench but KaileeJo thought that it would get the job done.