Monday, January 25, 2010

The weekend

Sisters! We all got together this weekend to celebrate Dad's 50th birthday. We didn't know that Rachel was able to make it. It was a great surprise.

One happy Papa with all of his grandkids. From the left its Taydom, Benjamin, and KaileeJo.

They had so much fun playing with eachother. We love cousins!!

Taydom is giving Benjamin a kiss. I think she really enjoyed having someone her age to play with.

Here are the girls ready to go to church on Sunday. I love this picture.
It was really great to have the family together even without Daniel. Can't wait for the next get together!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Riding the bike!


It was finally nice enough to go outside and KaileeJo was so excited to go outside and ride her new bike. Grandpa and Grandma Ostler got her this bike for Christmas. She doesn't like to use the pedals yet but she sure gets around. She even gave Taydom a ride on the back with daddy's help.